How To – No Sew Fleece Blanket

Finished blanketThere isn’t much like the joy one receives, when gifting a homemade gift.  I remember, last Christmas was the first time that I made homemade a No Sew Fleece Blankets and I thought they were the greatest thing ever.  I still, in fact, do think they are one of the greatest things ever.  I was like a little kid on Christmas morning, except I could not wait to see their faces when I gave them the blanket.  I kind of have this weird thing, where I don’t make them for just anyone – they have to be someone I really love and care about.  They are such a comfort, knowing that someone took the time to make it by hand.  Yes, the materials usually end up being more than an actual blanket (unless you get a good sale) but it really is awesome to make something knowing that they will actually use it.  Because, who doesn’t use a blanket?  So, without further ado, here is a How-To on No Sew Fleece Blankets.

If you are looking to make a much larger blanket, check out my tutorial on how to make a No Sew Fleece Quilt.

Materials needed

2 different materials, 2 yards each (or however long you want it)
Measuring tape
Straight pins
Good scissors

1. Decide on what fleece you want to use.  I like to use a solid on one side, and a pattern on the other.  2 yards is a good length for a normal throw blanket and if you are looking to make a no sew blanket big enough to use on a bed, I suggest you follow my How-to on No Sew Fleece Quilts.  I know a lot of people like to make these for baby showers, and you would only need 1 yard for a baby.


2. Decide which side of your fleece is the right side (if you have trouble figuring this out, go to this webpage and it has a nice explanation).  Place the solid piece, with the right side down on the space you intend on using.  Now, place the printed piece on top of the solid piece, with the right side up.  The fabrics will never line up completely, but no worries we are going to fix that.  The solid piece is USUALLY bigger than the printed piece, that is why I suggest putting that one on the bottom.

together3. Now put straight pins about 6-8 inches apart and 6 inches into the fabric all around.  This will make sure the material doesn’t shift while you are cutting the pieces or while you take a break.

pins4. Cut the edges of the material in a straight line so they will line up perfectly.  Don’t be too OCD here, it won’t make that big of a deal if your cut isn’t perfect.

lined5. Cut 3×3 square out of one corner using your measuring tape.

3 inches6. Use the square that you previously cut, as a guide for the other three corners.  Much faster than measuring out each corner.

3x3 square7. Begin cutting 1 inch slits, 3 inches tall out of each side.

cuts8. After you’ve cut slits out of all sides, begin to tie the ties.  It will be a double knot, and for my example, you would want to pull the yellow tie towards the brown patterned side.

1st knotYou will tie the first knot horizontally.

2nd knotAnd then you will tie the second knot vertically.

9. After you tie all the knots, remove the straight pins.

Finished blanket1I like to use one of the pieces that I cut from the side, and wrap the blanket up like a present. 🙂

Here is a gallery of the blankets that I’ve made thus far!

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