I love my little family.


Most people that know me, know that I’m completely in love with my animals.  They are just as much a part of my family as any other human member of my family, and they make mine and my fiancees relationship whole.  We have two cats, Simon and Booboo and a pitbull named Thor.  I could sit here and gush about how much I love my animals, but I will spare you the time and show you what I came up with!

E9B260E1-F548-4269-A146-4298095D7BE5-4184-0000012EF72A7257_zps2eefbf73This could be perfect for any family, animals are not needed!  I plan on doing this everytime we add onto our family (kids in the far future)!  Let me know if any of you decide to try this out!  It is really fun and so cute.

What do you need?
Foam paint brushes (or anything to get the paint on your hand)Various colors of acrylic paint

What to do?  I first painted the background of the canvas a light tan color, because I didn’t like the bright white canvas.  We then painted each of our hands and each of our babies paws and pushed them into the canvas.  One thing I must tell you, you HAVE to put pressure behind the canvas against the paw print/hand print or it won’t work properly!  I then let that dry, and wrote all of our names and drew the heart!  This can be as intricate or simple as you want it to be!

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Button Bobby Pins

Button PinsI hope everyone had a great Christmas, and I can personally tell you that I’m super sad to see it go.  I don’t like it when the holiday season is over, and I will miss telling everyone I see “Merry Christmas!”  But, if I’m looking on the bright side – one good thing that I can now do, is share with everyone this really cute, easy bobby pin that I made for a friend and my sister.

I’ve got a good friend who is super crafty, and the things she can do with simple pieces of nothing amazes me!  I was struggling with what to get her for Christmas, and I had a genius idea.  I’ve always told a few men in passing, that if he really wanted to open a women’s heart, he should look at her Pinterest and recreate something there.  It is thoughtful, and shows that you really care about her!  Well, I’m not a man, but I did look at her Pinterest to find something I could give her.  I went to her DIY board, and found these really cute Button Bobby Pins and I just happened to have a nice box of buttons that I could use.

What you will need

Bobby pins
Black small ribbon
Hot glue gun

material1. This first step can be different everytime, depending on what look you want to go for.  I made some pins with just one button, and then some of them I double or tripled up the buttons.  But, your first step will be to thread your ribbon through your button(s).  When you thread the ribbon through, make sure that your ribbon comes out almost equal on both sides.


2. Attach the button to the bobby pin.  When doing this, make sure the button is sitting properly on the bobby pin.  The button design should be sitting on top of the bobby pin (the same side as the curves in the bobby pin).  When you are attaching, bring one end of the ribbon through the bobby pin from one direction, and the other piece of ribbon from the opposite direction.


3. Tie the two pieces of ribbon together, really tightly.

Tie before cut4. Cut the ends off of the ribbon, so they won’t be showing.

Tie5. Finish steps 1-4 until you’ve completed all of the Button Bobby Pins you would like.

6. Use your hot glue gun, and glue the bobby pin down to the button.

Hot Glue7. Allow to cool completely.

Hot Glue Multiple

These are really cute, and super easy to make!  I would highly suggest, that if you ever have any trouble finding something to give a woman for her Christmas or any kind of present, check our her Pinterest!  There are tons of ideas waiting to be bought or made!


How To – No Sew Fleece Blanket

Finished blanketThere isn’t much like the joy one receives, when gifting a homemade gift.  I remember, last Christmas was the first time that I made homemade a No Sew Fleece Blankets and I thought they were the greatest thing ever.  I still, in fact, do think they are one of the greatest things ever.  I was like a little kid on Christmas morning, except I could not wait to see their faces when I gave them the blanket.  I kind of have this weird thing, where I don’t make them for just anyone – they have to be someone I really love and care about.  They are such a comfort, knowing that someone took the time to make it by hand.  Yes, the materials usually end up being more than an actual blanket (unless you get a good sale) but it really is awesome to make something knowing that they will actually use it.  Because, who doesn’t use a blanket?  So, without further ado, here is a How-To on No Sew Fleece Blankets.

If you are looking to make a much larger blanket, check out my tutorial on how to make a No Sew Fleece Quilt.

Materials needed

2 different materials, 2 yards each (or however long you want it)
Measuring tape
Straight pins
Good scissors

1. Decide on what fleece you want to use.  I like to use a solid on one side, and a pattern on the other.  2 yards is a good length for a normal throw blanket and if you are looking to make a no sew blanket big enough to use on a bed, I suggest you follow my How-to on No Sew Fleece Quilts.  I know a lot of people like to make these for baby showers, and you would only need 1 yard for a baby.


2. Decide which side of your fleece is the right side (if you have trouble figuring this out, go to this webpage and it has a nice explanation).  Place the solid piece, with the right side down on the space you intend on using.  Now, place the printed piece on top of the solid piece, with the right side up.  The fabrics will never line up completely, but no worries we are going to fix that.  The solid piece is USUALLY bigger than the printed piece, that is why I suggest putting that one on the bottom.

together3. Now put straight pins about 6-8 inches apart and 6 inches into the fabric all around.  This will make sure the material doesn’t shift while you are cutting the pieces or while you take a break.

pins4. Cut the edges of the material in a straight line so they will line up perfectly.  Don’t be too OCD here, it won’t make that big of a deal if your cut isn’t perfect.

lined5. Cut 3×3 square out of one corner using your measuring tape.

3 inches6. Use the square that you previously cut, as a guide for the other three corners.  Much faster than measuring out each corner.

3x3 square7. Begin cutting 1 inch slits, 3 inches tall out of each side.

cuts8. After you’ve cut slits out of all sides, begin to tie the ties.  It will be a double knot, and for my example, you would want to pull the yellow tie towards the brown patterned side.

1st knotYou will tie the first knot horizontally.

2nd knotAnd then you will tie the second knot vertically.

9. After you tie all the knots, remove the straight pins.

Finished blanket1I like to use one of the pieces that I cut from the side, and wrap the blanket up like a present. 🙂

Here is a gallery of the blankets that I’ve made thus far!

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“What-I-Want-To-Make” Wednesday

I hope everyone enjoyed the first edition of “What-I-Want-To-Make” Wednesday!  I’ve found some sinfully delicious treats for this weeks post, an ab workout, and two awesome Christmas ideas!

Christmas Snowmen – TO EAT 


These little things are too precious, and they look super easy to make!  This would make for a perfect dessert to take to a Christmas party, or to give to your neighbors as a present.



I wish I was clever enough to come up with these types of ideas all on my own!  This blog post has tons of different Christmas crafts and they are all adorable.

Mini Garlic Monkey Bread

Garlic Monkey Bread

Believe it or not, I’ve never had monkey bread…this is the first I’ve ever heard about it, and I think I’ve really been missing out.  These looks so delicious, and mouthwatering…I’m going to have to make some.  Perfect for me to bring to a Christmas dinner because someone always forgets the bread at my house.

Cookie Dough + Cheesecake = Heaven

Cheescake Chocolate Chip

These should be outlawed in 34 countries, but they aren’t.  So enjoy!

Snickers Brownies

Snicker's Brownies

I love turning favorite treats into something different.  I made these super cute S’Mores Cupcakes once and they were too fun to make and eat.  I like the idea of turning a candybar into something it isn’t, I’m going to try these!

Ab Workout

AB Workouts

Now to help work off all of those desserts you’ve been eating, try this ab workout.  I love ab workouts that don’t involve crunches, or anything similar to crunches.  No matter how many times that I try, and no matter how many people try to correct me – I can never do crunches right.  I always end up really hurting my neck instead of working my abs.  This ab workout is crunch free!  So this is my kind of ab workout.

The Endless Scarf

Chunky Scarf

I need more of these scarfs in my closet.  They are perfect – they keep your neck warm, but they don’t get in the way when you are trying to do stuff!

No-Sew Fleece Quilt – The Monstrosity of a Project

0096E286-5F39-4BA4-947F-97088E3AD166-4904-00000308D77E2EDDHave you ever felt the need to make a 10 foot by 10 foot fleece quilt?  No?  Well ME EITHER.  Let me just tell you how this all went down.

One perfectly normal day, my boss and I were having a normal conversation.  I started to complain about how it seems to be MORE expensive to make a homemade gift then it is just to buy one.  I mentioned the no-sew fleece blankets that I like to make and how it costs about $25 in fabric, and a hour and a half of time to make.  Well HE then mentioned that his wife has about three or four of those, but always complains that it is just much too small.  I could then see a lightbulb go off in his head; really, there could’ve been a lightbulb right over his head – it was that obvious.  He decided, that as part of her Christmas present, he wanted ME to make her a 10 foot by 10 foot no-sew blanket.  I kind of chuckled at him, and went about my work…but then he said, for real, how much do you want?  This point, my broke college kid butt began to listen…I tried to tell him that fabric only comes so wide – the only thing you can do is make it longer.  But, like a hard headed man, he said he didn’t believe that.  We did research online, called warehouses, called our local fabric store and they all confirmed my thoughts – you can’t even special order a 10 x 10 foot piece of fleece fabric.  So, we did a little googling and got the idea to make a no-sew fleece quilt…we then came up with a drawing for a fleece quilt.  Being the mathethe logisitics matically incapable people that we are, we could not figure out how many yards of the 5 different fabrics we would need to make this ridiculous quilt.  We took the drawing to the fabric store, and asked pretty much everyone in the store how many yards we would need to buy of five different fabrics, to make this ridiculous blanket.  One lady, happened to be a quilter and helped us figure out the measurements.  She then looked at him like he was crazy and said “you do realize, when your wife says she wants a huge blanket, she doesn’t mean THIS huge?”  He smiled, and then we proceeded to pick out the five patterns.  We decided on an almost 10×10 foot blanket, with 29×29 inch squares and three inches cut out for the knots.  We bought five fabrics, with 5 yards of each fabric.

5 yards of fabric, 50 29×29 inch squares, 200 3×3 squares, 25 slits, 5,000 knots, and about 20 hours later – this monstrosity of a project is done.

Now, once again – have you ever wanted to make a 10 foot by 10 foot no sew fleece quilt?  Has anyone ever asked you to do this?  If you ever feel the need to make one, go have a cup of coffee and pat yourself on the back and say “it will be okay, they won’t admit to the insane asylum” or if anyone ever asks you to do this, RUN, RUN, RUN, as fast as you humanely possibly can.  Now, if you aren’t smart enough to do either of those, here is a how-to on how to make a 10×10 foot no-sew fleece blanket OR you could be smart and change these measurements, and make a much smaller, more manageable blanket.

You will need:

Good scissors
Measuring tape
a lot of space

1. Decide what size you want to make your blanket, and do the calculations necessary to find out how many yards of fabric that you will need.  You can use as many different fabrics as you want, and you can make this blanket any size that you could possibly want.  Decide if you want the front and back to be the same pattern, or if you wanted different patterns.  It would be considerably cheaper to make one side patterned, and the other side solid colors (because solids tend to be less expensive).  For our case, I used 5 different fabrics and I needed 5 yards of each (for front and back), the patterns were 50% off and almost the same price as the solids when we went to Jo-Ann’s.


2. Take one piece of fabric at a time, and cut the squares out to your desired size.  Remember, that when deciding on the size of your square, take into account that you have to cut three inches off from each side when cutting the slits.

006AA94D-0A02-4C01-B849-2D823963D655-4904-000003084B57685A3. Use that square that you first cut, as a marker for the rest of the fabrics because it is much easier to just cut around a piece of fabric instead of measuring it out every time.


4. Once you’ve cut out all of the pieces, this is a good time to ensure that all of your pieces are face up.  I would’ve never known that there is a top side and bottom side to a piece of fabric, if someone had not told me.  So in order to save yourself from headache later, take the time now to make sure that all of your pieces are facing the same direction in your pile

1053909B-B19B-4CA9-B7D7-4AF68F4C36CA-4904-000003085FF46C75There is always a slight difference in the color of the front and back, and the back is normally a little fuzzier.


5. Now cut a 3×3 inch square out of each corner of every fabric.  I doubled up the fabric (and sometimes tripled) to make this go a lot faster for the rest of the time I was cutting.  A good pair of scissors can cut up to three pieces of fabric.

AA9699C0-D050-488E-BF3E-C0A0D6012725-4904-000003087E2D9F966. Now, use that 3×3 square as a marker for the rest of your cutting.


7. Now, decide how many slits you want on each side of the fabric.  This part is VERY important.  Each side of every single fabric, has to have the same amount of slits or this will not work!  It is much simpler with a plain no-sew blanket because you put a piece of material ontop of another piece of material, and cut the slits (the two pieces are cut together).  But, at this point, you have no idea what piece of fabric will be connected with what piece of fabric – cut each side the same amount.  I started with trying to cut them at one inch intervals, but I won’t lie – I’m human, and each of my pieces were not exactly the same size.  They are all 3-4 inches off of each other, but that’s the great thing about fleece – it is a very forgiving fabric, it will pull and tug to the direction that you want it to go.  I cut 25 slits on each side, and some of them were really small slits and some of them were really big slits…but it is ok!  I promise.


My dad cut this piece of something or another (I really don’t know what the material was) and I originally planned on using it as a guide for one inch intervals, but I just used it to help hold down the fabric while I was cutting.

8. After all the knots are cut, decide on what pattern you want to do for your blanket.  I made a drawing of two different patterns and sent it to my boss to let him decide and he chose one pattern for front and back.  You could easily make two different patterns of your fabric on the back, and that would look really neat.

24065BE3-B472-4233-884A-9E110DC8501F-4904-000003087555291CHere is my horrible, very rough drawing.  But, it really came in handy while making the blanket.  I referred back to it each time I made a piece.

9. I made each row first and then combined each row together.  It is much easier to do it this way while working with a huge blanket, because I didn’t really have enough room to piece this thing together…we had to move the furniture in the living room so I could finish it.

2B3AA796-60AA-4F6B-B3E0-9BF80FED52EC-4904-000003089D936D96Here is the first row, I then just continued to add them together.

Trick for tying the knots:

You are going to make two knots, and the key to make it where the other fabric is pulled to the opposing fabric is to tie one knot vertically and then one horizontally.  This is really hard to explain but here are two pictures.

First knot:


Second knot:


From there, you just piece each piece together.  I pieced the front side together first.  And then I made each row for the second side, and connected that to the front piece as I went along.  Make sure when you piece the back side to the front side, that the front side is facing down (where you can’t see any of the ties).

3226602B-BEDD-410E-8C5E-47643D22986F-4904-00000308A3BA9183A95F7689-64F1-41A2-A295-50049D852FE6-4904-00000308AF0E420C0A9C7045-109E-4F9C-8CD5-7DD6A697653B-4904-00000308B6090C89196CAE23-BE64-4FE0-B753-74ECBE24B32D-4904-00000308D26947E0Now, I don’t intend on ever making a 10 foot by 10 foot no sew fleece quilt again, but I am really happy that I took on this challenge.  I had absolutely no idea that I could do this.  I didn’t have any instructions to follow, and it was just all pretty much from my mind.  I’ve had finals this week, and I couldn’t wait to get them over with so I could work on this project, because I was so worried I would mess it up.  I WILL use this knowledge to make a much smaller, quilt next time.

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“What-I-Want-To-Make” Wednesday

Welcome everyone to the first official “What-I-Want-To-Make” Wednesday!

Upon starting this blog, I’ve come to realize that there are so many people out there with such great ideas; and, there are so many times that I see great ideas for crafts that I wish I would’ve known of previously, or recipes for food that I can’t wait to try.  Every Wednesday I’m going to create a blog post highlighting the best things that I’ve seen this week!

DIY Awesomeness – Workout Shirt


I love new workout clothes, and don’t lie – when you get new workout clothes, it helps motivate you for at least one day.  Let’s face it, we can’t buy workout clothes every time we need a good push in motivation, but we CAN create our own workout shirts to give us some motivation (well, until you run out of shirts that you are willing to cut up…but that is besides the point)!  This looks too simple to mess up, so I’m going to have to give this one a try.  Of course, this link has been sitting on my Pinterest for ages, but I still haven’t gotten around to it.  I’ll let everyone know how this one turns out!

Healthy Eating Recipe – Asian Chicken Kabobs


I found this awesome recipe at MyBakingAddiction.com, and it looks like one of those meals when you are anxiously awaiting for your meal at a restaurant- and, you keep seeing everyone else’s meal be brought out and you think to yourself “oh my gosh, what did they order?”  Then you end up jealous of what everyone else is eating.  Don’t lie, I know you all do it.  If you use wooden skewers, don’t forget to soak them in water at least for 20 minutes before using!  This gives me a great excuse to go over to my dad’s and use his fancy new gas grill.

Sweet Tooth – Dulce de Leche Brownies


As soon as I get around to making these, my fiancee will be singing my praises, going to work bragging about how awesome my cooking is, and then every time one of his friends comes over they will be demanding some.  These make my eyes drool just looking at them.  There’s so much deliciousness in this one picture, it is so hard to take all in.  These will be on my dessert menu soon.  So glad I found the thingswemake blog!

Fashion Copycat

oversize sweater

Comfort and fashion – where could this outfit go wrong?  I love oversized sweaters and I love boots, so perfect outfit choice.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the first “What-I-Want-To-Make” Wednesday!  If you have any suggestions for what I should make next – send them my way!  Have a good day.

this is why we love you

Dad's present 001

This gift, is probably the greatest gift I’ve ever given and probably will ever have the pleasure of giving.  It is so special to me, that I have had a hard time deciding whether I want to blog about it.  I ultimately decided, that I should share this idea with others, so maybe someone else can have this type of blessing in their life.  For my dad’s 50th birthday, I gave him a book full of letters written to him.  I entitled the book “this is why we love you” and all of the letters were words of encouragement, appreciation and love.  I ended up gathering over 50 letters, and this project turned into something much more magical than I envisioned.  I originally had intended on taking the letters, printing them off on a Word Document, and putting them in protective sheets in a binder.  I began to discuss this project with a good friend of mine, and she so graciously allowed me to come over and use her scrap-booking supplies.  She helped me create this masterpiece, and I am forever grateful for that!   I created a Facebook group of all of the people that I thought would like to write them, and gave them a little over a month to send them to me.  I then printed them out, and over two 4-hour session, we made our masterpiece.

title page

Dad's present 016

On the left side of this picture above, there is an explanation of the book that reads:

Here we are, celebrating 50 years of your life, and you have touched more people than anyone could ever count.  Your blessings, unconditional love and devotion has reached more than you or I could ever imagine.  But, in order to give you a better idea of how much you are appreciated, we have all come together to write a letter to tell you just how much we care for you.

Your kindness, compassion, faithfulness, and spirit has touched family, friends, children, adults, and even a Starbucks employee.  You have forever impacted our lives, and this is all we know how to do; write a letter to tell you how much we appreciate you.  That’s what this is, a book full of letters who have taken the time to let you know they love you.  There are many more than just this, but here is just a small fraction of those who love you.  Whenever you feel down, you will always have this to remind you, you’ve done more than you would ever imagine.  You are our hero.

Dad's present 018

Dad's present 019

Dad's present 020

I took a video of my dad’s response when receiving this book, but I haven’t brought myself to part with it.  He didn’t even make it through the title page without shedding a tear.  This is really the most awesome gift you could ever give; no money in the world can amount to the words of those who love you.  He will always have this gift to pick him up when he is down, and remind him what a great man that he is, was, and will always be.  I hope one day I can amount to half of the person that he is.

What is the best gift that you have ever given?  If you decide to replicate this idea, please let me know!  I’d love to hear how this idea has reached others.