Fitness isn’t like a desktop. There aren’t shortcuts.

of-course-it-is-hardEveryday when I get to work, I open up my MSN homepage to check our company e-mail and I always glance through the popular topics that they have.  Something about video of fireworks in backwards time, asking a Tiger to get off your furniture (no really, here is the link), and then a link for 14 Shape-Up Shortcuts.

You know what?  I get it.  People don’t want to work towards their goals.  They become unmotivated, tired, busy, lazy, etc.  But, let’s just be flat out honest – they don’t make their health a priority.  If there is anything in life that should be a #1 priority, it should be your health; because, guess what?  There are no “do-overs” with your body.  You abuse it and you don’t get that time back.  BUT, it isn’t too late.  It is never too late to start making healthy choices, but I’m here to break your heart…you didn’t get there overnight, so you aren’t going to get that beach body overnight.  I’m gonna pause here for the shock and awe to set in.

Yes, it is brutally honest.  But, it is just that – Honest.  There are no shortcuts.  Your body isn’t like the desktop on your computer, there are no shortcuts.  Period.  If you want to be healthy, it is something you have to work with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  You have to make conscious effort to eat right, exercise, and put down the third doughnut.  Your body is a accumulation of everything you’ve ever ate, and it is going to take time for that to change.

I understand that these headlines (because it is plural, it is everywhere – magazines, radio commercials, TV commercials, internet) are more to drag people in, and a lot of these articles actually have good stuff – but, your whole lifestyle has to change.  There aren’t shortcuts.  You can’t just swear off McDonald’s french fries and expect that to be the shortcut to becoming skinny.  You have to change everything about your life!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect and I’ve still got a heck of a long way to go, but if it were easy then everyone would be healthy and fit.  You need to make the conscious decision to change your life.  There aren’t any shortcuts.

Now, quit reading my blog for a second, go take your dog for a walk, play catch with your kids, go running, do jumping jacks, run around your house, I don’t care!  Do something.  You deserve it.

Garlic Italian Roasted Potatoes

iPhone 246I always tend to have too many potatoes, and need to find a way to hurry up and use them all before they sprout eyeballs.  This recipe is my go-to recipe when wanting to clean out my potato stock, because it is not only delicious but pretty much goes with anything.  I love eating mine just plain, my fiancee likes to eat them with ketchup, and my dad likes to eat it with salsa.  Whichever way you choose to enjoy this dish, it is always yummy.  I hope everyone enjoys this recipe as much as I do!

Garlic Italian Roasted Potatoes


2 large potatoes, or 4 small potatoes (or however many you want to use), chunked
1 onion, chunked
4 cloves garlic, minced
Italian Seasoning
Season Salt
Non-stick cooking spray

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
2. In a shallow cooking dish, spray bottom with non-stick cooking spray.
3. Combine chunked onion and potatoes and drizzle with EVOO.
4. Cover the potatoes evenly with minced garlic, and seasoning.
5. Use a spoon to mix the potatoes together to make sure that they are all evenly seasoned.
6. Cook in oven for about 40 minutes, stirring half way through.  When a fork can easily pierce the potato, it is ready.

Happy New Year

stiry fryI hope everyone brought in the New Year in a safe fashion!  I know today’s post has absolutely nothing to do with the typical New Year festivities, but I made this dish the other day and would like to share it with all of you!  Of course, I had to give my slow cooker another round, so I made this delicious meal!  This meal originally started off as sweet and sour chicken, but I wasn’t happy with the taste, so I added more to it.

Slow Cooker Chicken Stir-Fry


2 lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts, diced
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup water
1/2 cup vinegar
2 tbsp ketchup
1/4 cup soy sauce
1 tbsp hoison sauce
1/2 bag frozen stir fry vegetables

1. Mix brown sugar, water, vinegar, ketchup, and soy sauce together in the slow cooker.
2. Place chicken in slow cooker.
3. Cook on low for about 6 hours.
4. Cook rice according to directions before eating>
5. While rice is cooking, add in the hoison sauce and stir fry vegetables.  Allow to cook for about 10-15 minutes.6. Serve over rice.



Christmas Pinterest Creation – Peppermint Fudge

Peppermint fudgeOh, how I adore Pinterest.  I don’t know how anyone cooked, worked out, planned their wedding or had a child before Pinterest.  I was having a hard time deciding what type of dessert I wanted to take to my family Christmas party this year, and I went onto Pinterest and picked the first most delicious dessert that I saw.  That just so happened to be Peppermint Oreo Fudge brought to you by Something Swanky.  It was so delicious and very easy to make.  The only problem I had, is that I was hard headed and refused to use parchment paper and it was really hard to cut out.  Everyone loved this fudge, the taste wasn’t overruled by peppermint.  Just enough.  This could be made anytime of year, it doesn’t have to be Christmas!

Peppermint Oreo Fudge


1 bag Milk Chocolate Hershey Kisses, unwrapped
1 cup chocolate chips
1 bag candy Cane Hershey Kisses, unwrapped (or any peppermint chocolate)
1 cup white chocolate chips
2 cups crushed Oreos (I put mine in a food processor)
2 – 14 oz cans sweetened milk

1. Prepare 9×13 baking dish by lining it with parchment paper and spray the paper with non-stick cooking spray.
2. In a medium sauce pan, over LOW heat combine the milk chocolate Hershey kisses, chocolate chips, and 1 can sweetened condensed milk.
3. Stir until melted and smooth.  Once melted, add in 1 cup of crushed Oreos.
4. Pour the chocolate mixture into the prepared dish.
5. In another medium sauce pan (or clean out the one you used), stir over low heat the candy cane kisses (or any peppermint chocolate you choose), white chocolate chips, and 1 can sweetened condensed milk.
6. Once smooth, pour the peppermint mixture over the chocolate mixture.
7. Sprinkle the remaining Oreo crumbs over the top and lightly press into the fudge.
8. Let cool overnight in the fridge, and allow to set out about 1 hour before you decide to cut it.

“What-I-Want-To-Make” Wednesday

Welcome everyone to the first official “What-I-Want-To-Make” Wednesday!

Upon starting this blog, I’ve come to realize that there are so many people out there with such great ideas; and, there are so many times that I see great ideas for crafts that I wish I would’ve known of previously, or recipes for food that I can’t wait to try.  Every Wednesday I’m going to create a blog post highlighting the best things that I’ve seen this week!

DIY Awesomeness – Workout Shirt


I love new workout clothes, and don’t lie – when you get new workout clothes, it helps motivate you for at least one day.  Let’s face it, we can’t buy workout clothes every time we need a good push in motivation, but we CAN create our own workout shirts to give us some motivation (well, until you run out of shirts that you are willing to cut up…but that is besides the point)!  This looks too simple to mess up, so I’m going to have to give this one a try.  Of course, this link has been sitting on my Pinterest for ages, but I still haven’t gotten around to it.  I’ll let everyone know how this one turns out!

Healthy Eating Recipe – Asian Chicken Kabobs


I found this awesome recipe at, and it looks like one of those meals when you are anxiously awaiting for your meal at a restaurant- and, you keep seeing everyone else’s meal be brought out and you think to yourself “oh my gosh, what did they order?”  Then you end up jealous of what everyone else is eating.  Don’t lie, I know you all do it.  If you use wooden skewers, don’t forget to soak them in water at least for 20 minutes before using!  This gives me a great excuse to go over to my dad’s and use his fancy new gas grill.

Sweet Tooth – Dulce de Leche Brownies


As soon as I get around to making these, my fiancee will be singing my praises, going to work bragging about how awesome my cooking is, and then every time one of his friends comes over they will be demanding some.  These make my eyes drool just looking at them.  There’s so much deliciousness in this one picture, it is so hard to take all in.  These will be on my dessert menu soon.  So glad I found the thingswemake blog!

Fashion Copycat

oversize sweater

Comfort and fashion – where could this outfit go wrong?  I love oversized sweaters and I love boots, so perfect outfit choice.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the first “What-I-Want-To-Make” Wednesday!  If you have any suggestions for what I should make next – send them my way!  Have a good day.

Finals = Simple Meal

It’s finals week and this past weekend I did absolutely nothing to prepare, because I didn’t  realize that I have two finals on Wednesday…so dinner was easy, and this blog post will be short.  I hope everyone is doing well, and if you are taking finals don’t forget to take a break and eat!

Super Easy Beef Teriyaki


Beef sirloin, cubed68C08933-3A35-4042-9F80-E72D489651E8-1782-000000A0A070AD4B1 bell pepper, cubed
1 onion, cubed
1 clove of garlic, minced
1/3 cup jar Teriyaki sauce
Beef bouillon cube
Frozen Stir-fry vegetables (optional)
Crushed Red Pepper
Garlic Salt
Onion powder

1. Cook the rice according to directions.
2. Over low heat, add in the EVOO and minced garlic.  Saute for about 30 seconds, and then add in the onion and bell pepper.
3. Now add in the sirloin and seasoning, and turn the heat up to medium high.  Cook until the meat is no longer pink on the outside.
4. Add in stir fry vegetables if you choose to use some, teriyaki sauce and the bouillon cube.
5. Cook for 3-5 minutes longer (long enough for the bouillon cube to disappear, and the stir fry veggies to be cooked).



You say you don’t like fish?  I’ve always had this mindset, that I can’t be a good cook if I don’t know how to cook a good piece of fish.  I have never liked fish, and this has always been an inner (very ridiculous) struggle for me.  I enjoyed my first piece of fish when I went through a phase of only eating clean.  My first go around was with tilapia; I did quite a bit of research on “how to like fish” (yes I really typed that into my google search bar), and everyone recommended that I try tilapia first.  At the time, I was following Jamie Eason’s Livefit Program and I tried her Fish in Foil recipe.  I have two problems with eating fish.  One, I don’t like it to smell fishy.  Two, I can’t get over the fact that I’m eating fish.  This last reason makes absolutely no sense, because I eat cow, pig, chicken, etc just fine!  When I cooked the Fish in Foil recipe, I really enjoyed the flavor but I just couldn’t get past the fact that I was eating fish.  My second go around with fish was in a sushi roll.  I’ve always enjoyed vegetarian sushi rolls, but I ventured out and tried a Spicy Salmon Roll.  I absolutely loved it.  So, I’m getting there.  Slowly but surely.

Yesterday, I created my own fish recipe that I really enjoyed and catch this…I wished that I had made extras!  I didn’t know I was eating fish, and it was totally (kind of) healthy!  I also, pulled another fast one on the fiancee, and made a delicious Celery & Carrot Salad and he liked it.  I’m beginning to think that the words “celery” and “carrot” just sound gross to him, and that’s why he doesn’t like them.  All of this was made on a whim, and basically created because I needed to get rid of the celery and carrots in my fridge…so without anymore jabbering, here it is!Pan-Seared Tilapia

Pan-Seared Tilapia

Tilapia (however many you would like)
1/2 cup of flour (just add more flour if you need more)
Lemon & Pepper Seasoning
Lemon juice of about one lemon
1/2 tablespoon butter

1. Combine the flour and Lemon & Pepper Seasoning.  I am not sure how much seasoning I used – I just based it off it being visible when combined with the flour.
2. Melt the butter over medium heat.  Once the butter is melted, add in the lemon juice and about two tablespoons of EVOO.  If you don’t have a lemon, don’t fret – it won’t dramatically impact the flavor.  I actually used the juice in the squirt bottles for this one.
3. Pat dry the Tilapia fillets (be careful, they like to fall apart), and dredge them in the flour and seasoning mixture until completely covered.  Add them into the pan.
4. Cook until browned on each side.  I flipped mine about every 2 minutes for a total of 4 times.  The key here is, make sure they are browned (not burnt, browned).  The best way to make sure that you don’t burn them, is to constantly check the pan and make sure that there is enough liquid in the bottom.  Add some more lemon, butter, or EVOO if you need to.  The flour on the outside of the fish really sucks up the juices.  It was kind of like an “Ah-ha” moment for me here.

Carrot & Celery SaladCelery and Carrot Salad

3 Stalks of Celery, sliced thin
12 baby carrots, sliced thin
1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1/2 large onion, thinly diced
Italian Seasoning
Crushed Red Peppers
1/2 tablespoon butter

1. Add the butter into a pan at low heat, once the butter has melted add in the minced garlic.  Make sure that the pan is at a low temperature, or the garlic will easily burn.  Saute for 30 seconds.  Now add the onions, and allow to saute for 30 seconds more.
2. Place the celery and carrots in the pan, and drizzle with EVOO.  Now add in the Italian seasoning, crushed red peppers, and the apple cider vinegar.  Turn the heat up to medium high.
3. Stir occasionally, and cook for about 10 minutes, or until the vegetables are very tender.

We ate this with some oven fries that I seasoned with paprika, and it was magnificent.


Is there anyone else out there that has taught themselves to eat fish?