I’m a current college student that has been blessed with a scholarship to obtain a degree.  I love to cook, and I made the difficult decision of deciding that I should stick to cooking as a hobby and not a career.  I’ve made this blog to share all of my wonderful tips and tricks that I learn through the exploration of my creative outlet: cooking.  This blog was originally called The Pint Size Chef, but I decided that I wanted to add more than just cooking to this blog!  I hope everyone enjoys the different “bites” of information that I provide!

Why Pint Size?
I’ve always been a small girl.  I’m 5’0″, 5’1″ on a good day, and everyone is always commenting on my height.  So, I’ve decided, instead of spending my days fighting the feature, I’m going to highlight it!  My mom calls me half pint anyway.  I was going to add “Cook” instead of “Chef” because I don’t quite feel like a chef, but the definition of chef is anyone who cooks.

More about me: 

I’m a hardcore Hanson fanatic.  I love them more than anyone will ever realize, and I will play their CD’s over and over again no matter if you are tired of them or not.  I was even privileged enough to be in one of their music videos.  In the background of course, but I know that I’m there.

Giving up the dream of being a chef was a really hard decision for me.  For the longest time I wanted to find something that I was good at, and when I finally found it, I realized that it was an unpractical dream.  I’ve decided that cooking will be a passion for me, and maybe one day later a door will open that allows me to pursue it more.

2 thoughts on “Who?

  1. Hey! Thx for the comment on my spicy basil pasta recipe! Yes,,,who wants bland when you can have spicy and seasoned and yummy? P.S. I love Hanson! Ever since 1997, they’ve had a special place in my heart 🙂

    • That’s my exact thoughts as well! Something about crushed red pepper that adds yummy-ness to every meal. My friends like to joke with me and tell me that I should title my blog “Crushed Red Pepper How Tos.”

      I cannot believe that you love Hanson! I’ve been a fanatic since 1997 as well! Are you by any chance part of the fanclub and going to the members event this weekend?!

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