10 things I wish I would’ve done this Christmas


  1. I wish I would’ve kept up with my 25 activities of Christmas.iPhone 678
    The fiancee and I spent forever making these cute envelopes with Christmas decorations on the inside.  Inside of the envelope we put different Christmas activities that we would do everyday.  Like, listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies, looking at Christmas lights, wearing Santa hats, etc.  Next year, I want to make these a priority.
  2. I wish I would’ve enjoyed more Starbucks Peppermint White Mochas.
    Nothing goes better with Christmas shopping than a good cup of Starbucks; especially when they have their cute Christmas cups.
  3. I wish I would’ve made everyone cookies this year.
  4. I wish I would’ve stressed less.
    I spent too much time stressing about money, and the perfect gift for everyone that I forgot about the joys of giving a few times.  NeiPhone 497xt year, I want to plan ahead of time so I can really enjoy the season.
  5. I wish I would’ve made more homemade gifts.
    Homemade gifts for sure next year!  My sister made homemade warmers for body aches and pains, and it was probably one of the best gifts I received this year.  I want to think ahead, and find the best homemade gifts possible next year!
  6. I wish I would’ve listened to more Christmas music.
  7. I wish I had made homemade decorations.
    Snowflakes, popcorn strands, pine cone ornaments, etc.
  8. I wish I would’ve spent more time looking at Christmas lights.
    We always go to look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve with my dad, but this year things became too busy juggling two families, that we never got around to going.  Next year, I want to go look at different lights at least once every week in December.
  9. I wish I would’ve watched more Christmas movies.
    Every time I would turn the TV on, I couldn’t find any Christmas movie I wanted to watch.  But, I completely forgot that there is Netflix!  I will definitely watch more Christmas movies next year.
  10. I wish I would’ve invested in an ugly Christmas sweater. 🙂