Medium French Fry Please? Or maybe not.

Calories Calories
Total Fat (g) Carbs (g) Sodium (mg)
Medium French Fry
McDonald’s 230 100 11 29 270
Wendy’s 420 180 20 54 1010
Burger King 440 22 56 670
Rally’s 350 190 21 36 990
Arby’s 450 210 24 55 1160

After my previous post of mentioning how much I love french fries and then the one before that mentioning what you should look for when eating something, I figured that’d I kind of combine the two.  I complied information taken from these restaurants nutritional information, and it kind of smacked me in my face!  Why does it have to be, that everything that tastes so good is so bad for you?  While I mourn over how bad all of this is for you, I’ll eat some homemade french fries.

Calories From Fat
When I mentioned that it was best to eat things that have the least amount of different between calories and calories of fat, who ever would’ve thought that it meant that McDonald’s had the best choice for this when it came to Fast Food Medium French Fries!  I surely would’ve thought that Wendy’s “Natural Cut, Sea Salted” fries would beat McDonald’s.

It seems that McDonald’s wins in anything pertaining to fast food french fries.  Great taste, and least amount of sodium, fat, and calories.

Still doesn’t make it good for you. 😛