Do what feels right.

This is what my Dove chocolate read to me yesterday after a good Mother’s Day meal! And I think it is very fitting for my contemplation on new blog name!
My father is hardcore about his chocolate and he thinks it’s best to eat one piece of chocolate after every meal. His favorite his Ghirardelli dark chocolate! My choice is Dove Carmel Milk Chocolate! I love the little “promises” they give you in every bite!

Sometimes people get so caught up in eating the right thing that they forget the joys in life! Don’t completely throw out your favorite treats, just take them in moderation.

I hope everyone has a good Monday!
The official new blog name is “The Pint Size Chef!”  So the new URL is!  It goes along with my moms nickname for me, “half pint” and I’m pretty satisifed with it!  Let me all know what you think!

——What is your guilty pleasure snack?——